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    • Genetics and markers of navicular disease in warmblood sport horses 

      Finne, Rebecca (2014)
      The aim of the study was to do a review of the studies regarding the genetic background of navicular disease in sports horses. Navicular disease is a common locomotor disorder in horses with a polygenetic background and ...
    • The German Sporthorse 

      Meyer, Julia (2015)
      Objective of the thesis was the presentation of a newly introduced horse breed called German Sporthorse. The great breed diversity in Germany decreased in the late fifties due to intensive exchange of mainly sires beyond ...
    • Zur Genetik der Osteochondrose bei Sportpferden 

      Igler, Christina (2013)
      The Osteochondrosis (OC) is the most important developmental disturbance of the juvenile horse and has a massive economical impact on the equine industry. It is a degenerative joint disease that occurs due to a disturbance ...